Here are a few Terms and Conditions of our engagement so we can get your projects done on time, and without any surprises:

  1. Your client’s obligation to pay your business when payments are due is independent of my receiving payments from you
  2. A project may be taken up by me based on either my availability, or interest to work on it
  3. Prices quoted are based on the estimated number of hours required to build the project, and are not negotiable
  4. Prices quoted are based on designs and workflows provided to me by you. Any changes made to the designs or workflows after the quote will be chargeable separately, and accordingly
  5. Any modifications made to the scope of the project after development has commenced may lead to putting the project on hold until my next availability without a refund, depending on my commitment with other clients
  6. Please clear any invoices within 5 business days of raising it
  7. I do not offer demonstrations to your clients
  8. Documentation, if required, will be chargeable separately
  9. Maintenance of web sites are subject to my availability, or based on our agreement
  10. Meetings regarding projects will be chargeable with regular hourly rates

For any clarifications on the above, feel free to contact me.